International Programmes

A key mission of USP is to offer students a range of opportunities to initiate, lead and join international academic and community programmes and projects, so that they get to challenge themselves, become sensitive to, and be familiar with the modern world. Through these opportunities, we hope students can begin making positive impact on the world while still in NUS.

At USP, we set out to create an environment in which our students are self-motivated to learn, grow and effect change. We encourage our students to propose and organise international programmes, as well as take up leadership roles in the process. Students, faculty and the administrative staff get to work hand-in-hand to make substantial and sustainable programmes happen.

Although participation in USP international programmes is not compulsory, they are highly valued by USP students and competition for a place in a programme is the norm.

AUN article IP

USP Hosts ASEAN University Network Forum and Contest

USP is privileged to represent NUS and Singapore in hosting this year’s 17th ASEAN University Network (AUN) and 6th ASEAN+3 Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest. Initiated by the AUN, the event brings together students from the ASEAN region and ‘+3’ countries (China, Japan and the Republic of Korea) to discuss and explore regional issues.

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Clark Honors College Visits USP

With the renewed ties, USP students have the opportunity to spend one semester or a year at the prestigious Clark Honors College and take course offered by both CHC and the University of Oregon as a whole. We are pleased to offer this SEP from AY2018/19 onwards and look forward to the wonderful exchange and friendship between USP students and those from CHC at the University of Oregon.

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Of Cities, Civilisations and Complexity: One Week in Jakarta

Five USP students, together with NUS students from other faculties, travelled to Jakarta on the Inter-Civilisation Dialogue Study Programme led by USP faculty A/P Syed Farid Alatas. The programme aims to acquaint participants with various aspects of Islamic thought in Indonesia, with particular emphasis on the challenges presented to modern Muslims.

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USP-Sciences Po Comparative Cultural Rhetorics Academy – “The Programme Has Changed the Way I Look at a Menu”

In June 2016, eight USP students, together with NUS and Sciences Po students, participated in a two-week undergraduate intensive non-credited seminar led by USP faculty Dr Mark Brantner. Under the theme “Rhetorics of Food”, the programme introduced students to methods of rhetorical analysis and production developed in and appropriate to Asian, European and American contexts. Students studied for one week in Singapore and one week in Reims, France.

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