Student Exchange Programme between University Scholars Programme (National University of Singapore) and Yuanpei College (Peking University)

NUS and Peking University (PKU) renewed a student exchange agreement on 7 May 2015, providing opportunities for up to two students from University Scholars Programme and Yuanpei College to study for a year at the respective partner institution per academic year.

The Yuanpei College is PKU’s top undergraduate programme that selects the crème-de-la-crème of the graduating senior high school students in China. 

The USP-Yuanpei College Cultural Immersion Programme aims to equip a group of future leaders of Singapore with strong cultural capabilities. During their one-year stay in PKU, USP students will read modules on Chinese history, culture, society and economy, and will benefit from extended interactions with the top minds and future leaders of China, and experience global competition at its keenest.

USP students enrolled in the programme are deemed to have taken four Inquiry tier modules, two in the Humanities and Social Sciences domain and two in the Sciences and Technologies domain.

USP students graduate with a major degree from their home faculty or school, and a China Studies Minor.