USR4002a prepares students for intellectual life beyond the university by asking them to reflect on how their undergraduate education can be brought to bear on the complex political, social, economic, and existential problems of the “wider world” they will be confronting and participating in upon graduation. As a capstone of the USP education, this module builds on the entirety of USP’s curricular and co-curriculum experiences by getting students to consciously make connections among these experiences. Whether these connections are across disciplines, learning activities, or academic and broader social concerns, the aim is for students to draw new and deeper insights into what they have learnt at university and how they can continue to do so beyond the training ground of the university.

USR4002a is the sole module offered as part of USP’s Reflection Tier. It is compulsory for all USP students and forms part of USP’s graduation requirements. The module is open to students in their third year on.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module:

  • Students will construct connections among different domains of knowledge.
  • Students will articulate sophisticated positions that move conversation forward.
  • Students will demonstrate responsible engagements with the context in which the conversation occurs.
  • Students will demonstrate collaborative expertise.
  • Students will demonstrate metacognitive reflective practices that engage the process of knowledge making.

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