Ryan 2

Module Description

Module Description

This module puts science writing into conversation with a genre that is often called ‘life-writing’. The platform is transmedial. A question that this module puts before you is, what are some of the engag­ing ways in which analysts can examine, and then communicate, Singaporean lives? Another quest­ion that guides our inquiry is, how can media, or analytical modes, interact in both processes?

Henry Jenkins provides a definition to get us started:

            What people new to the concept often do not understand is that transmedia is an adjective in search of a noun to modify.

“Transmedia,” by itself, simply describes some kind of structured relationship between different media platforms and practices. Initially, it was a practice identified more closely with fictional work. More recently, however, producers of nonfiction transmedia have been using these techniques to tell their stories “by any media necessary,” taking advantage of whatever resources they can access as long as they can meaningfully deploy them in the service of their goals.

                                    ‘Transmedia What?’ (2016)