Apply to USP

You can apply to USP using any of the following qualifications (as shown in Table 1) or during the 2nd & RNS men (Special Term) (as shown in Table 2).

Your USP application should be submitted at the same time as your NUS application. Each application will be processed separately. If you have gained admittance to NUS, it does not imply that you will automatically have a place in USP or vice-versa.

To apply to NUS, you need to submit your online application to NUS during the NUS admissions exercise, which opens three (3) working days after the release of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE `A’ level results. For more information on NUS application, please visit


Type of Qualifications for Applications (Table 1)

Applicants with the following qualificationsUSP Application periodStatus 
Singapore-Cambridge 'A' levels 1 Feb - 20 Mar
Closed Apply
Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore 1 Feb - 20 Mar
Closed Apply
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma 1 Feb - 20 Mar Closed Apply
International Qualifications 1 Feb - 20 Mar Closed Apply
NUS High School Diploma

15 Nov - 31 Dec

Closed Apply